Thai Fruit and Vegetable Carving
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Fruit Carving Knives
In USA by Narongwacha Broytubtim
Yupin Kenchandr
A Display at Thai Cultural Fair by Wat Buddhapradeep
in Golden Gate Park - Hall of Flowers
November 30, 2003
Carved by Narongwacha Broytubtim
and Rosalin Moore

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New - July 2004 Thai Cultural Fair
Main Display
Traditional Thai delicate carvings
Cantaloupe Flower Honey Dew, Turnips, and Carrots
Step-by-Step Demonstration by:
Narongwacha Broytubtim
Samruay Thammasakorn
Aranya Mingkwan
Chaiwatt Siriyarn
Watermelon Extraordinaire
Songpreeya Ruangsuk
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